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Three chairs set around a table Three chairs set around a table

Three chairs symbolize the three companions on the spiritual journey: the Directee, the Spiritual Director and the Holy Spirit. The focus is on listening to what the Spirit is doing in the life of the Directee.

Butterfly Journeys is about my calling as a Spiritual Director in Winnipeg. I love to help people become more deeply aware of the Divine Spirit within.

a rainbow celebration of peoplea rainbow celebration of people

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Online Gratitude Groups

  • Background:
    • The pandemic has taken a toll on many: some have been overwhelmed with work, others have lost jobs. Both of these extremes create stress.
    • Gratitude is a very simple practice that can have deep and long-lasting effects: elevates levels of happy hormones, re-wires the brain in healthy ways, can be practiced anywhere with anyone
    • The online format allows for a broad range of participants with little time commitment towards travel and on-site orientation.
    • fulfills Biblical mandate to offer thanks in all circumstances.
  • Specifics:
    • groups will run every 2nd week for 6-8 sessions on Zoom, about 40 minutes/session
    • groups will begin with one session on the benefits of gratitude, confidentiality and safe spaces, holding space for one another, “ground rules/covenant”, the rhythm of the meeting
    • subsequent meetings will begin with a short opening, one benefit of gratitude, reminding people of the process, & praying, proceed with members each taking about 5 minutes to share offerings of gratitude, each member offering a one-line response such as, “thanks be to God” after each member’s time. The meeting ends with a blessing and reminder of the next meeting date.
  • How to participate:
    • Send an email to: and include the following information:
    • 1. Your name
    • 2. Your congregation
    • 3. Your preference for time of meeting. Choose from the following options:
    •     Tuesday evening at 7:30 pm
    •     Wednesday morning at 9:30 am
    •     Thursday at noon
    • (indicate all that would work for you)
  • You will be sent an email with a link to the zoom meeting once we have 8 people in the time slot you have selected. If all the groups are currently full, you will be added to a waiting list.



"When I first heard of Gratitude Groups I was admittedly a bit skeptical. I had never thought of gratitude as a practice before, let alone as something that might impact me as it has. On the surface and as a pastor, I have appreciated participating in something that I did not have to lead! I have also appreciated the welcome and short introductions that have been offered at the start of each gathering. It seems that the Zoom platform lends itself well to this kind of practice as it can fit into almost any schedule. The way that Laura has incorporated a simple set of hand gestures to acknowledge, appreciate and give our sharing to God invites not only our sharing but also another way to practice gratitude for the sharing of others. I am hoping that these groups continue, that I might have the opportunity to meet some new faces and that I might continue to be nourished by practicing gratitude as well as receiving the gift of what others are grateful for."

- Lee Hiebert, Pastor of Steinbach Mennonite Church


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