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Three chairs set around a table Three chairs set around a table

Three chairs symbolize the three companions on the spiritual journey: the Directee, the Spiritual Director and the Holy Spirit. The focus is on listening to what the Spirit is doing in the life of the Directee.

Butterfly Journeys is about my calling as a Spiritual Director in Winnipeg. I love to accompany people on their spiritual journeys and resource others for spiritual growth.



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Labyrinth Project

Labyrinths have been used as prayer for many centuries. People have found that moving their bodies symbolically through a path helps their spirit connect with Wisdom.

I am willing to come to your congregation to teach them about the prayer practices around using a labyrinth and also to help you build a labyrinth on-site. Labyrinths are very different than mazes in some fundamental ways. A labyrinth can be as simple as a spiral drawn on the ground. It is one path to the centre, a space in the centre to reflect and pray, and then the same path out to the beginning. Labyrinths can be designed to be very low-maintenance. They can also be enhanced by plants and other ornaments along the path.


Labyrinth pattern in bricks (The Forks in Winnipeg) Labyrinth pattern in bricks (The Forks in Winnipeg)

Labyrinth - gravel outline (Light of the Prairies, Lorette)Labyrinth - gravel outline (Light of the Prairies, Lorette)






Brick path Labyrinth (Winnipeg - private backyard)Brick path Labyrinth (Winnipeg - private backyard)

Labyrinth on a sheet (portable)Labyrinth on a sheet (portable)




There are countless reasons why you may benefit from seeing a Spiritual Director, but perhaps the most compelling is that it can help you deepen your spiritual life and cultivate a greater sense of purpose and meaning. A Spiritual Director is a trained and experienced guide who can offer support, wisdom, and insight as you navigate your spiritual journey. Whether you are seeking to explore your faith more deeply, discern your life's purpose, or find greater peace and contentment, a Spiritual Director can help you access the tools and resources you need to move forward with greater clarity and confidence. By providing a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your spirituality, a Spiritual Director can help you connect more fully with your deepest values and beliefs, and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.


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