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Three chairs set around a table Three chairs set around a table

Three chairs symbolize the three companions on the spiritual journey: the Directee, the Spiritual Director and the Holy Spirit. The focus is on listening to what the Spirit is doing in the life of the Directee.

Butterfly Journeys is about my calling as a Spiritual Director in Winnipeg. I love to help people become more deeply aware of the Divine Spirit within.

a rainbow celebration of peoplea rainbow celebration of people

All Welcome

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Topics and Themes
We offer a variety of topics for retreats and seminars, and yes, sermons too, for small to large groups. Use the "Contact us" page to book an event for your church, friends, small group...
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

* Ways to pray using stillness and movement, right and left brain, habits and creativity - prayer practices
* Using Guided Meditations for spiritual growth
* Celtic Spirituality
* Stories of Celtic saints to inspire faith
* Healing your past, blessing your future
* Immanuel Prayer, basic to advanced skills in healing prayer ministry
* emotional healing of past trauma
* Praying the Psalms
* Walking the Labyrinth
* Biblical Storytelling, Stories of Faith
* Advent
* Lent
* Maundy Thursday & Good Friday through the senses
* Rocks and faith
* The life of Christ and five dimensions of the spiritual life
* Sabbath & Rest
* Guided silent retreats
* Group Spiritual Direction
* Starting a Renovare group
* Spiritual Friendship
* Women's Spirituality
* Encountering Jesus: stories from the New Testament and Church History
* Self care


"Thank you for creating a space where the Celtic spirituality will touch my own heart.”


"Presentations were given with such a sense of dedication. You kept my attention with each story, songs, prayers. You are such a gentle soul.”


"You have given me much encouragement…”


"The stories and Laura's lively way of telling them was great.”


"Thank you, Laura for awakening the spiritual healing power in me, of Spirit and the right brain!!”


"Thank you so much for your wisdom and sharing your beautiful spirit with us.”


"Presentations: excellent! Laura told such wonderful stories about St. Brigid. She is very knowledgeable in Celtic Lore.”


"I love it – beyond anything I might have expected – soulful and generous blessing! Thanks!”


"Interesting, informative, great style combined with readings & songs, engaging storytelling. Format & content of the retreat were thoughtfully designed & presented. You have a gift!”


"Laura you have crafted a very lovely retreat with a wonderful weaving of Scripture & story & song & our engagement with it. I'm so glad I came! … MANY MANY EXCELLENT parts of the retreat!”


"Thank you again for leading us… with the themes you chose and your gentle guidance & attention to detail, it was wonderful.”


"I felt like I've just had a full-body massage! Thank you so much for this retreat."


"Experiencing true rest and being given the tools to aid in knowing oneself to be deeply loved by God is a priceless gift that I know involves great effort and care on your part. I know that the fruits of your ministry will nourish me and also those I in turn minister to, for a long time."


"I'm not sure what I expected, but oh my dear! There was so much. And I loved it. The planning was superb! Your ability to make stories out of "accounts" is quite incredible. It really was so refreshing and inspiring... It seemed to me the whole day was one of meaning and purpose and for the richness of your creativity, I thank you most sincerely. It was a special day turned into cherished memories."


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