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Three chairs set around a table Three chairs set around a table

Three chairs symbolize the three companions on the spiritual journey: the Directee, the Spiritual Director and the Holy Spirit. The focus is on listening to what the Spirit is doing in the life of the Directee.

Butterfly Journeys is about my calling as a Spiritual Director in Winnipeg. I love to help people become more deeply aware of the Divine Spirit within.

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Seminars and Trainings
Immanuel Prayer Practioner Training Course
The course
     Immanuel Prayer is a process that is based both theologically and Biblically, as well as having profound psychological foundations, grounded in the latest research on how the brain functions and processed trauma. 
     I learned of this process initially through Dr. Karl and Rev. Charlotte Lehman. Dr. Karl Lehman is a Christian Psychiatrist and has written extensively on Immanuel Prayer. Our study together will use his most comprehensive book, "The Immanuel Approach: For Emotional Healing & For Life" as a text for this course. Rev. Charlotte Lehman is the pastor of Reba Place Church in Evanston, IL. I have been personally mentored by this couple for many years.
     Immanuel Prayer involves a five-step process which is facilitated by a skilled prayer practioner. The first step involves helping a person become open to awareness of the constant presence of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the God of Love.  The next step is to allow the Trinity to take you back to any memory to which you need to go. In this course you will learn all five steps, their theological background, and have opportunities to practice this process in a supportive environment.
About Me
     I was introduced to the ministry of healing prayer in the 1990s. I was drawn to the impact that prayer could have on my life and the life of others. Since then I have taken numerous courses offered by various healing prayer practitioners. I learned of Immanuel Prayer along this journey, and have found it to be amazingly effective in dealing with past hurts. I have taught seminars in several countries and have been delighted to hear of people's transformations as they use this prayer form with others.
     I have a Master's degree in Christian Ministry through Canadian Mennonite University including studies at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. I also have a Bachelor's degree in Theology.  I have trained under Dr. Karl and Rev. Charlotte Lehman and have practiced Immanuel Prayer since 2000. I have a private practice in Spiritual Direction and offer trainings, retreats, and seminars on a variety of themes and topics under the banner of Butterfly Journeys.
 What others say of the ministry of Immanuel Prayer:
         "My practice with prayer and time with God has become a more rich, personal and life-giving experience as a result of working with Laura. My spiritual experience is actually difficult to put it into words. But it has been very powerful."
      "...It was in that experience of prayer that I came to know at a deep level that God is gentler with my pain and vulnerability than I had expected, and I experienced relief and healing in allowing God to revisit that inner place of pain with me."
     "My experience with Laura has been life altering. Her wisdom and knowledge of spirituality and scripture has enabled me to see and connect with my creator in a new and different way. Laura has seen me through the joys and the sorrows of my life's journey and enabled me to relight, by Shekinah, the internal flame within that connects me to the never ending and limitless love of Jesus Christ."

Who is this for?
     Immanuel Prayer is a profound, transformational process with a wide variety of applications in pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, parenting, mentors, and spiritual directors.

Course details
    Currently I am working on setting up another course in the fall of 2019. If you are interested please contact me.

How to apply
     Please write a paragraph explaining your interest in prayer ministry, including any relevant background you have in this area, and send by email. Class size will be limited in order to facilitate a positive mentoring experience for all participants. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Please also feel free to forward this invitation to someone you think would be interested in Immanuel Prayer. 

Prayer Sessions
     I also facilitate Immanuel Prayer sessions for anyone interested. If you would like to experience this prayer process, you are more than welcome to make an appointment with me!

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